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Just five rentals in a calendar year earns you Hertz Five Star status.

The Ultimate Choice by Emma Darcy

A mid-size reservation at an Ultimate Choice location as a Five Star customer will give you access to an even more special Five Star vehicle selection. There's a good chance you can drive away in something roomy without paying for an upgrade. Road warriors who rent 20 times or more in a calendar year and achieve Hertz's top-tier President's Circle level can take ultimate advantage of Ultimate Choice.

With a dedicated President's Circle selection, a mid-size reservation can net some nice catches. Expect anything from Cadillacs and Camaros to Suburbans and Siennas.

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While selection varies by location, season, day, and even time of day, the President's Circle lineup at most Ultimate Choice locations will usually have you driving something fun—or big—for the price of a mid-size car. Truthfully, the introduction of Ultimate Choice is what makes the Five Star and President's Circle status levels valuable.

Before Ultimate Choice, the upgrade benefits were inconsistent or non-existent. Sign up for the free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program,. Reserve at least a mid-size car you can reserve a larger one, but unless you need a specific car size, there's no point in paying more than you have to. If you haven't yet signed up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, then at this point you need to wait in line at the rental counter. Once your paperwork is processed, you'll head to the aisles labeled Compact, Mid-size, or Full-size, depending on your reservation.

As you approach the Hertz parking lot—or if there's a shuttle bus, when you disembark—look for signs directing Gold members to the parking lot,. Choose any car from that area.

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Get in, drive to the exit gate, show your driver's license, and you're on your way. Hertz's two main competitors in the premium rental market are Avis and National. Avis doesn't offer anything like Ultimate Choice. It's been around for years. You can exchange your assigned mid-size car for a limited selection of other mid-size cars.

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The Ultimate Choice
The Ultimate Choice
The Ultimate Choice
The Ultimate Choice
The Ultimate Choice
The Ultimate Choice

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