The Keeper of the Wolf Clan (Keeper of the Wolves, #1)

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As she was leaving, however, she heard him mumble, Tell Valen hello for me. What took so long? She gave him a puzzled look. I just woke up, Valen.

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The sun rose some time ago. Are you feeling okay? She giggled as she sat down beside him. Of course. She caressed his manly jaw and asked sweetly, Were you worried about me? He snarled. As your Mate, I have a right to be concerned. He looked up at her and frowned. Because I kept telling him how much I missed you.

Layla ruffled his hair. It was his duty, my love. Still… he huffed, laying on top of her.

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His frustrated growl made her giggle. Are you going to tease it or please it, woman? She licked her lips as she looked at him innocently. Valen stiffened as his manhood breached the back and slipped deeper inside… The feeling was still too new and she started gagging, instinctively pulling away.

But did you like it? But you liked it? With regret, Valen admitted he did. Finally, she came back up for air.

He had the tiniest curl of a smile, but only answered, Unnecessary. Layla grinned, feeling very accomplished. Because you liked it too much? I like challenging myself. We are, she answered smugly. Amira, Maska, Etan, and…you. Start your free 30 days.

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Adult Erotica Rated 4. Only married she-wolves act as the Keeper, but the honor falls on virginal Layla due to a tragedy. The mysterious Bonding Ritual, which takes place every full moon, keeps the four Alpha males unified. If Layla fails to complete her duty, the mighty werewolf clan will erupt into civil war.

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This novelette delves into the lives and secrets of the Daric werewolf clan - a clan renowned for its power. Layla takes on the role of Keeper when her mother dies unexpectedly. The Bonding Ritual a ceremony clouded in mystery keeps the four Alpha males united and the Daric Clan strong.

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Unfortunately for Layla, the man who has tormented her since childhood is her partner for the final event. Download: epub. Price: Free! Red Phoenix. But as Graduation Day approaches, she can only be collared by one. Which Dom will win her heart and Bed of Wolves 1. Belle Hart. Thea finds herself alone in the park after dark one night and notices she's being watched by a handsome stranger. She feels a psychic pull to the man that she can't explain.

She suddenly has desires she wouldn't normally have in this circumstance. Instead of running away from the intense stranger, she sheds her clothing and offers herself to him. She soon discovers he is not entirely human. Length: Short Story, words.

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Adults only. This story was formerly published by one of my other pen names, Makenna Wilder. Melissa Stevens. After a year of running and hiding from her family and an arranged marriage to her chanat leader, more than half of it never shifting out of her cougar form, Rebecca is found trespassing by Nick and his enforcer. He seems different, he seems to want to help her and protect her, but will he still want to when he knows her better? Rebecca knows that keeping her away from her father and his choice of husband for her may end in a war between Chanats, will Nick be willing to risk his people?

Her instincts tell her that he could be her mate, but after running scared for so long can she let herself trust her instincts? Her Russian Knight

The Keeper of the Wolf Clan (Keeper of the Wolves, #1)
The Keeper of the Wolf Clan (Keeper of the Wolves, #1)
The Keeper of the Wolf Clan (Keeper of the Wolves, #1)
The Keeper of the Wolf Clan (Keeper of the Wolves, #1)
The Keeper of the Wolf Clan (Keeper of the Wolves, #1)

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