The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)

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Raide disables fire suppression systems and alarm. Rich retrieves cell phone and usb hookup. Raide forces second sector grid reboot. Both exit the premises. Rich and Adrian 15 minutes down I Satisfied he understood all the steps and committed the list to his mental bulletin in the foyer of his mind palace, Adrian got up and posited the standard bluetooth earpiece into his left ear. Bring the car around.

Three minutes later, he paid in cash with a smile, giving the desk girl a wink as he disappeared out into the dark, frigid New England night. The ground crunched beneath their feet, snow compacting into icy boot-sized prints 8 centimeters deep. The shadowy lane they were using to get to their destination was positioned behind a row of buildings that had few working lights. It made the last portion of their plans a bit more complicated, but Raide made adjustments in the end. Stealing into the well-lit corridor, Adrian assumed point 5 meters in front of Rich, who now had an M1 positioned to his shoulder as he stalked behind him.

The end of the sleeves hooked onto the outside of a pair of Insulated gloves to ensure extended contact area and also to prevent self electrocution. Recommended course: neutralize singular element, get me plugged in and ready for when the power comes back on, then neutralize the three patrolling targets. Holding up a fist for Rich, Adrian crept up to the corner of a perpendicular hall and peered around to the door of the security room.

Unfortunately, there were no windows into the room so they were blind. Both men rolled their feet as they glided across the hard concrete flooring, making as little sound as possible. Positioning himself next to the door and making a grabbing motion at his own face while pulling down, each pulled out a face mask from their back pocket and donned it. Fingers up, Adrian started the countdown. Palming the door handle, Adrian disengaged the mechanism and opened it softly a few inches. A few moments later, he collapsed, sprawled in the chair. Rich in the meantime, went to the server room and plugged in a wireless relay stick since the phone would be needed for this next bit.

Five minutes to lights on.


Two minutes to lights on. Adrian stealthed up to the yawning door where the candlelight still flickered brightly. Turning to the other, Adrian vaulted over the table and again struck out with his forearm. Ready when you are, Rich. He could hear all of the systems like ventilation and cooling in the compound turning back on one-by-one, the dull thrum reminding him of the lab buildings back at Georgia Tech. Pacing out of the break room, Adrian quickly removed his mask and went to the main lab to begin searching the storage and cabinets. Raide meanwhile had successfully hijacked the server and assumed control of the electronics in the building.

Initiating his video editing tasks passively, he directed his attention to assisting Adrian in the lab identifying components for the serum. Rich also joined them after about twenty minutes and helped synthesize the separate vials for injection. They then combined the separate viral cultures into a singular serum that turned white and milky before their eyes. Raide should be able to help you. The serum has been designed as a cyclical virus that is time-released in my blood.

So be attentive and ready for whenever Raide needs you to step in - this will probably be very unpleasant for me. Then we still need to get out of Dodge afterwards, so make sure your tasks are done by then.

Someone Broke Into Our Hotel Room (Horror Animated)

Almost as soon as that occurred, an electric inferno seemingly erupted within his arm. Bug-eyed and staring at his arm, he felt each beat of his heart pull the substance towards his core. Fear and determination mingled in a battle for supremacy as he tried to focus on maintaining control. After an eternity of what was only three seconds, it reached what must have been his heart. Bursting in several different directions along the channel of his major arteries, a primordial howl forced its way past his lips as he strained against the bindings. Keep going! Double-checking the vitals monitor, Rich confirmed that he still had a pulse and shook his head at the abnormally high diastolic blood pressure number.

Rubbing his matted head and removing his mask, he began setting about collecting the assigned vials identified by Adrian before the administration of the gene therapy. Only a minute later however, the sound of a door opening caused Rich to freeze his movement as he reached into a low cabinet. The sound of clacking heels echoed over the floor.

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A woman. What do I do!? He heard a gasp reverberate out and suddenly his eyes alighted on his M1.

Not pausing to look in her direction, he dove for the firearm only 3 feet away and raised it to his shoulder as he rose from his knees. Dammit all! Fuck, why did this have to happen! Lining his shot up to the forehead of a now very frightened and haggard woman, he silently pleaded with the woman to understand. A breath passed before he suddenly squeezed the trigger, a gaseous crack thundering throughout the small room.

Guide The Phantom Train--an Archon horror story

He quietly dragged his body across the room and looked at the unfortunate woman framed against a background of red, her expression permanently frozen in a look of pure surprise and terror. Brain matter and skull fragments speckled the walls in a meter diameter beyond where she had been standing. Leaning heavily against one of the workbenches, Rich zoned out into nothingness. He was just there, disbelief trying to force his mind into not accepting the macabre reality in front of him. We walked around the base of the Arch, then entered the museum and exhibits below.

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The Park Ranger friend of the con helped us to get into the small tram that crawled up the inside of the arch to a tiny, cramped observation chamber at the apex. Enough sightseeing. We got back to the hotel by lunch, so that we could meet up with Dan Barstow, President of the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education, which was the chosen charity for Archon. We had lunch with the Challenger Center people, then set up our tables, and went off to Opening Ceremonies. Country singer Lee Greenwood had donated some amazing items—the cowboy boots he had worn when he performed at the White House, the American flag that flew in front of his house.

Rebecca and I contributed the original first-draft manuscript of Star Challengers 1, and I also gave some advance reading copies of two of my novels. Better yet, what makes anything scary? And why are so many Americans chasing a good scare? For the past two years, Keasler explored the nooks and crannies of 13 commercial haunted houses throughout the country on days when they are devoid of monsters or visitors.

In hundreds of resulting photographs, which will be published in a book by Archon Projects, she reveals the obsessively detailed, calculatedly spooky spaces created to accommodate nighttime visitors seeking adventure somewhere between the playfully frightening and bone chilling. It's the elaborate artifice more than the haunts themselves that interests Keasler, whose work regularly oscillates from harsh realities to fabricated realities.

She calls herself a "bifurcated artist. But she's probably most well-known for her work documenting Japan's fantastical love hotels. These haunted houses do that," Keasler said. Keasler's interest in haunted houses didn't begin until adulthood when she started dating her now-husband Brian Gibb. On a visit to Thrillvania in Terrell, interest morphed into obsession.

In spite of the house's design to scare visitors forward, Keasler found herself lingering to peer into corners and gaze up at the ceilings. One of the four houses on the Thrillvania property became the inspiration for the entire Haunt project. The Verdun Manor was built by Disney Imagineers, a division of the Walt Disney Corporation, in the s as one of a handful of houses when the company experimented with the business of haunts.

The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)
The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story) The Hotel Room (An Archon Horror Story)

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