Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)

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What is going on, like I was not expecting this feeling, like, God this is, woah! Psychedelic disco, exactly! Except the last time we saw you, five years ago, at Le Bataclan. Oh wow, yeah!

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That was small, just before the album so, yeah. That could be nice. They started throwing powder at us and we just came home with so much colour, like, blue hair and yellow face, that was funny. They came to Paris for a show and they just started throwing powder, but it was paint. When people start running for benefits and stuff and people start throwing coloured powder? Like in festivals sometimes? That would be so cool.

Manual Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)

Even at Le Bataclan, it was such a great show because it was such a small venue and we were like best fans from the beginning. We were queuing for Kasabian and they were releasing the tickets at a given time, a really precise time, like 2 in the afternoon; so everyone missed work and we were just queuing and letting people go for other things. I went out around 1 p. We just stayed in front of the building until they kicked us out! Yeah, because through your music, I met a lot of people. So many people! Nice thing to say. To connect.

Yeah, exactly, yeah. Things just get big, sometimes they get out of control, you just have to follow them. Like Stade de France. Par vraiment. Je me suis dit que si je ne les sortais pas ils seraient perdus pour toujours. Eh bien, je ne sais pas, je trouve que tout le monde sait toujours tout sur tout le monde tu ne trouves pas? Tu penses que tu vas prendre une certaine direction et finalement non.

Certaines chansons du nouvel album semblent un peu sombres. Mais pas en un seul film.

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Oui il fait partie de mes influences majeures. Surtout pendant les concerts! Ca fait quelque chose. Prendre soin de son corps demande une dose importante de temps.


Dans la normale, quoi. Autrement, on ne sait jamais ce que notre assiette peut contenir….

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Essaie de ne pas trop te laisser envahir par la psychose concernant le poids. I so understand you. Back in the time, when i lived in States, I gained extra 10 pounds.


I believe the whole problem is in the hormones given to beef and chicken, which end up affecting us in kinda similar way. I would strongly recommend you to start eating organic food and check out the organic restaurants in N. The food in US is unhelthy.

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It contains a lot of crap like Corn syrup, and all other kinds of sugar. The americans are terrified about fat in their food, but they put sugar in it instead. Of course they have to starve to keep skinny on such a diet. Bonne continuation Pauline. I love everything from the illustration to the hilarious text! Thank you Garance, you made my day :! Have seconds, thirds…My grandmother grew up on a farm, and they needed a lot of food. But now everyone works in an office. Maybe they just never stopped eating. My theory is to eat a few bites of dark chocolate rather than a whole piece of cake.

Unless you really really want the whole piece of cake. As to the quality of the food, I think the American consciousness is just becoming aware of the growth hormones and chemicals on our food. My name is Edel, I am 19 and from Belfast, in Ireland. Well I have just come home after half a year living in Sao Paolo Brazil.

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I too gained weight when I was there, the delicious Brazilian was so yummy and different and flavoursome. I actually feel there is something more going on though, as well I personally was naturally a bit homesick and missing all the things familiar. It hurts to look into the mirror and realise, yes I HAVE a muffintop, however once I was completely honest I was able to get things under control and started running in the mornings or whatever.

They and the boys told me that thighs and a bum are hot, and natural. I have been reading your blog for about two years now, you never fail to make me laugh and your photos are beautiful — keep up the good work! Je suis revenue plus grosse, et aussi avec des boutons. Viligance please!! Et Dieu merci!

Ici il y a le culte du corps pour de vrai, dans le sens ou on le fait exister. A Rio de Janeiro, les femmes ont des corps spectaculaires. I am a brit who has lived in NYC for 7 years, I also work in the fashion industry where you have to try very hard to not let the neurosis of most of the women that work in this industry rub off on you. I have tried hard to keep my English wits about me and not sucumb to it all. It is the NYC way where you are constantly striving for more and competition is so fierce for everything including looking for a man.

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A few months back I took some meditation classes in the garment district and the place was filled with fashionistas clicking about in their heels, probably trying to find some meaning in their lives. Though indulging in the many sweet treats the city has to offer would do them the world of good in bringing them some joy! I have also worked in the industry in Paris where I have to say I found the attitude to eating just as obsessive. I devoured french food but the women around me drank lots of coffee and smoked like crazy to supress the appetite and they were some of the most gaunt looking waifs I came across.

Try living in London for a while, the women there are a little more dishevelled in a good way and relaxed in their attitudes. And I was running cross country every single day! No matter what I did during my years at boarding school I could not shed the weight. The solution? Moving to Europe for university! Despite the increase in wine yeah yeah, I did indulge in some drinking while at uni!

This is why I follow your blog. Such a fascinating topic… During the Great Depression it was fashionable to be quite rotund. It meant you had enough wealth to gain weight! Now the opposite is true. Living in LA is pressure to always be fit and thin. I also happen to love food! My friends and I enjoy eating out and we never skip dessert! We are all sizes , and fairly fit. Ahhh garance! Mais, je suis le contre. Have fun in New York!

Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition) Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)
Mais cest à toi que je pense (Thriller) (French Edition)

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