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Post what cheats you find and I'll add them here. View screenshots. Is Shelly The Baddy? I know the game does not take its super bleak world seriously, but I mean, "longstanding order of permanent military law"? At least, in Duke Nukem 3D, the world seems to be more or less a reflection of ea All Shelly "Bombshell" Harris taunts and quotes. Raumpilot Ruby. Localhost denier. Launch Day Technical Update. Hi all!

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Today is a big day for all of us on the Fury team given the game's four-year development history and the bumps we've hit along the way. It's not easy wrangling a 20 year old engine! This newly-sanitized guide promotes growth, wellness, and deep introspection. It may even start an important conversation.

The Sad Man.

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Ion Fury 1. You read that right. Not 1.

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We jam packed so many goodies into this patch Achievements everyone! So if you didn't manage to grab the game at launch, NOW is the time! Last but not least, here's a big change-log for you all to dive into. When you launch version 1. For those who would prefer to start from scratch, a menu option is available to clear all stats and achievement data from the game and from Steam.

See More Content. No more content. So sad. You can help: share a screenshot, make a video, or start a new discussion! Back to top. Returning to where you were last on this page All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. I always treated the tearing dmg rolls as totally separate posibilitiies.

Do I still have to beat the 30? While the text in Dark Heresy is not precise, the text used in Rogue Trader and later versions of the 40K rules say:. Another little doubt about damage, sorry if its OT, when someone shoots in full or semi auto, each degree of success grants damage equal to the weapon's damage right? Yes, that's right. And the Targets Armour and Toughness referred to as Soak is subtracted from each one.

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It seems that I have been running this wrong forever! Can you find me a page number for this as I looked at the rules for righteous fury this morning and didn't see anything about it only being for PCs or for those with fate points. Fate represents this special destiny that sets them aside from the teeming masses of humanity. The number of Fate Points a character receives is decided during character creation.

Fate Points are what separates Acolytes from the ordinary people of the Imperium. PCs have destinies and the Emperor has marked them for greater things. Also when you look at critter entries in Creatures Anathema and other books, there is no mention of Fate Points in the critter stats. Just like the Attack modifiers, Fate Points as well as Righteous Fury seem to be different in almost each of the games, and I suppose it would be possible to "assimilate" a newer version if you don't like the DH original.

That's something everyone will have to decide for themselves, though - not everyone thinks the newer versions are truly superior, anyways. I asked the same question on darkreign.

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The fact that righteous fury is only for PCs is only true of DH 1e. It's in the main rulebook pg. You need to go to the bottom of the example. The text is still in the same italics as the example, that's how I missed it. I'm sure it was a mistake in editing. Heh, this thread does a great job of illustrating the delights of having 5 concurrent variations of a system.

As happy as I am that we're now running a homebrewed version of an abandoned system, I'm more upset that doing so was easier than trying to run the cluster f. I'm seriously starting to wonder why FFG even bothers to have game designers work on the 40K lines.

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At this point it'd be easier for everyone, and no doubt cheaper for FFG, if their releases were rules-free. Rogue Trader says nothing about this. I've checked, because I thought so too. There have been threads on this in the RT forums as well, but as far as I can tell, this little restriction from DH never made it into RT.

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Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted September 21, So to my questions; If a gun rolls 2d10 or more for damage, and both come up with tens, do you roll once or twice for the extra damage? If a weapon does d5 damage, does it fury on just a 10, or a 9 and 10? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)
Fury (Dark Enemy) Fury (Dark Enemy)

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