Do-Over (The Romantic Comedies)

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After receiving a cancer diagnosis, Abbie takes it upon herself to help Sam find a companion he can be with once she's gone. She forms unlikely friendships with three other terminally ill patients who help her discover what it means to live each day as if it were your last. They decided to meet in the middle and live together as roommates, which ultimately turns into a nightmare. Watch the film to see whether it's their home—or their love for each other—that they choose to prioritize. Watch a mystery unfold as Sophie Seyfried ends up inviting three of her mother's exes on a quest to figure out who, exactly, her father is.

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford—a dynamic duo that's previously starred in Barefoot in the Park and The Electric Horseman — reunite for this Netflix original based on Kent Haruf's novel of the same name.

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The Oscar winners play widow Addie and widower Louis, neighbors who arrange "senior sleepovers" and develop a deeper connection as they spend more time together. Unlike most rom-coms, this one's all about what happens after "happily ever after. In this Netflix original, an American journalist named Amber ends up falling in love with the man she's tasked with reporting on, Prince Richard. Considering we weren't fans of the sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding , we suggest sticking to this first one.

This French film tackles religion and the role of traditional values in modern society. The movie follows a Jewish woman named Simone Sarah Stern who's yet to come out as a lesbian to her family despite being in a longterm relationship with her girlfriend, Claire Julia Piaton. Just as she readies to tell her loved ones, a handsome Senegalese chef named Wali Jean-Christophe Folly throws a wrench in her plans.

The titular character Shannon Purser is a smart, but not-so-popular girl who finds herself in a text-only relationship with the school's attractive football player, Jamey Noah Centineo —who thinks she's someone else. The way their friendship unravels is worth your time. Netflix found a star in Noah Centineo with the success of 's To All the Boys I've Loved Before , and here he plays a high school senior named Brooks who sells his services as a stand-in boyfriend in order to make Yale tuition money.

He creates an app that also brings him closer to dating his dream girl Camila Mendes , but at the same time, he's growing closer to his new client, Celia Laura Marano. The latest film in the pay-to-date-me genre Can't Buy Me Love , Easy A doesn't exactly break the mold, but fans of teen rom-coms will find lots to enjoy. Just Go With It co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler play a long-married couple who suddenly find themselves the main suspects in a murder on a yacht full of strangers.

Filmed on gorgeous location in Italy, the hilarious Netflix whodunit includes plenty of romantic-comedy moments, as Aniston and Sandler's characters see whole new sides to each other along the way. You're not the only one with Mariah Carey 's song, " Always Be My Baby ," stuck in your head after reading the title and watching the trailer of this Netflix original. Ali Wong and Randall Park star as Sasha and Marcus, two childhood sweethearts who stop talking to each other after a terrible argument.

Fifteen years later, they randomly run into each other in San Francisco and discover how time has changed them. Type keyword s to search. Sarah Shatz. Someone Great. Dan Henterly. The Last Summer. Falling Inn Love. The clothes!

The best rom-coms of all time to give you that fuzzy feeling

The quotes! The whole thing is a super re-watachable classic. Everyone has a different favorite plot line in this multidimensional holiday favorite. It follows the stories of eight different couples: the prime minister and his assistant, two adult film actors, a couple having marital issues, an aging pop star, and more. By the end, you'll realize that love really is all around us. Reese Witherspoon is a romantic comedy master, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. Packed with humor and sincerely RealMom jokes, Home Again is the story of a newly separated famous director's daughter, Alice who takes in three aspiring film makers to live with her and her two young children.

As a romance blossoms with one gentleman, her husband makes a visit to the L. That turns out about as you'd expect.


Anyone who's ever been a teenager will cringe right along with this super-relatable rom-com. Samantha Molly Ringwald has a not-so-sweet 16th birthday, at which almost everything imaginable goes wrong. Luckily, this classic about what it's like to be an awkward teenager in love ends well, with one of the most iconic movie kisses ever. Charles Hugh Grant is always a wedding attendee, never a groom. But his frequent encounters with Carrie Andie MacDowell force him to consider that might finally change.

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This quirky comedy's cast delivers the laughs and make it feel fresh, even more than 20 years after it came out. Based on a true story, this tearjerker follows actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani as he meets Emily Zoe Kazan after they exchange witty banter at one of his stand-up shows. As they fall in love , he fears what his traditional Muslim family will think of their relationship his mom does constantly invite potential wives over for dinner, after all.

When Emily becomes seriously ill, Kumail and her parents form a heartwarming bond that changes everything. A mixup involving dinosaur bones and a pet baby leopard bring heiress Katharine Hepburn and paleontologist Cary Grant together, and hilarity ensues. The film was originally considered a flop when it was released, but it became a favorite over time for its perfect sense of comic timing, pratfalls, and silly situations. Haven't seen The Princess Brid e? This cult classic centers around the love story of Buttercup Robin Wright and Westley Cary Elwes , who battle swashbuckling swordsmen with a revenge fixation, screaming eels, ROUSs Rodents of Unusual Size , and even death for the chance to be together.

It's also one of the most-quoted rom-coms of all time, so watch if you want to finally understand the references. If you like a little steamy girls' time with your romantic ending, invite your gal pals over and turn on this spicy flick. Be prepared for drinking, dancing, and blush-inducing romance. Pro tip: Don't watch this one with the kiddos. Weatherman Phil Bill Murray finds himself living Groundhog Day over and over again in what starts out as a frustrating nightmare.

But, once he starts falling for Rita Andie MacDowell , he realizes his seeming immortality can help him win her over. What follows is lots of dating trial and error — and some necessary self-improvement, too. This unlikely romance between a struggling bookshop owner Hugh Grant and a movie star Julia Roberts is a fairytale for the modern age.

You may already know its most iconic line: "I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. This classic film is part love story, part beloved tale of self discovery.

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It's a must-watch for rom-com and Hepburn fans. Reese Witherspoon is at her Southern best in this rom-com about rising fashion designer Melanie Witherspoon who returns home to Alabama to finalize a divorce from her ex Jake Josh Lucas before heading to New York City to marry socialite Andrew Patrick Dempsey. This one teaches us that sometimes, the best things are those we thought we'd left behind. But as the truth unfolds, they only grow fonder of one another.

Although Astaire and Rogers made ten movies together, Top Hat is the most playfully romantic of the bunch and, of course, features the flawless dancing the duo is known for. We all know that timing is everything in relationships and this lovable rom-com proves it. Adam Justin Long feels some kind of way when he finds out his ex Allison Colbie Smulders has invited him to her wedding.

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Do-Over (The Romantic Comedies)
Do-Over (The Romantic Comedies)
Do-Over (The Romantic Comedies)
Do-Over (The Romantic Comedies)
Do-Over (The Romantic Comedies)

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