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When an unskilled narrator speaks, all their characters sound the same and it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish between them.

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Again, the kind of understanding needed to do this can only come from knowing the story inside and out. Consistent narration throughout a book is one sign of a good narrator, and here Bill DeWees shares some great suggestions for maintaining the same delivery throughout a project. He suggests using the first recording session as a reference file, and listening back to it before going to work on any subsequent takes. He also advocates trying to recreate it as a kind of warm-up exercise.

Although Bill generally produces business books, he thinks this approach can work for fiction narrators, because they can record model versions of each character. As an example of consistent narration, take a look at the animation video below. It was created to promote an app, but the story-telling style of the narrator shows the importance of matching the right voice to the project at hand. Friends may have told them that day have one of those voices that are nice to listen to, or they may have found that they really love reading out loud to their children and so dream about doing it for a living.

They might even be working in the voice-over industry already, doing commercials or explainers for corporate projects. Reading books to an audience is as different from reading commercials for radio as stage acting is from screen acting, although the same basic skills are involved. The Internet has made it possible for anyone to claim to be an expert trainer, so look to industry websites for recommendations before you part with any money. If you do have serious thoughts about becoming an audiobook narrator, either watch this video by actor Sean Pratt or just read on here for the brief version of what he says.

In the video, this enthusiastic and successful audiobook narrator describes attending industry events and being approached by people who said they wanted to be professional narrators. So instead, he started doing his best to put them off and suggested a test for the ones who were persistent. He said they should do this in a small room that mimics the 4 x 6 feet confines of the studio he works in.

They should set up the book at roughly eye-level. Some people went through this and were still interested after the two weeks, while for others it put them off.

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Other things that you can do to prepare yourself include taking basic acting classes, signing up for amateur dramatics, and practicing by creating your own audiobooks. This last one is one of the most important things you can do, because regular practice is the main thing that separates outstanding performers from the rest of the field in any industry, so the more you can do the more you will improve. Another thing that you can do to help raise your game is to spend time listening critically to professionally produced audiobooks.

Qualities of a great story-telling narrator

Think about why it works, and how it works, then try to replicate that type of performance. The experience will teach you a lot about what is required. If you do decide to practice professionally, then you can either pay a small fortune to sit in a recording studio for the several hours that it takes to put a book together, or you can invest in your own recording setup at home.

Since the cost of equipment has fallen so much in the past few years, it has become perfectly possible to record an audiobook with a similar quality to something created in a commercial studio. This box gets the microphone signal into the computer. It will take a little time and practice to learn how to use the software, but with plenty of free information available online you should be up and running pretty quickly. One of the things that surprises newcomers to audiobook narration is just how long it takes to get the word off the page and into a usable audio file.

Professionals are usually paid for each finished hour of audio that they produce. Unless you land a first contract that includes studio time and editing support, you need to put the coffee on and be prepared to learn how to stitch everything together. Your cheap computer and free software are perfectly capable of turning out high-quality work, but you will need to put in the screen time to get there.

You can see it is a blessing that we live in an age when computers and audio equipment are cheap enough for us to record at home. Every man and his dog can now enter the market, claim to be professional and outbid you for work. The thing to remember, though is that even though the landscape has become more competitive in recent years, no matter how many would-be professionals are out there clamoring for work, your best asset is the quality of your work. Cheap marketing opportunities are abundant these days, and although they do require you to commit your time, they can help you get your best work noticed.

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Thank you for this. I have absolutely no experience in this sort of thing but this gives an excellent springboard of what — should I choose to invest time — I would be getting into, and the sorts of tips for an interested party to try out first. This discussed not only things I could do to see if I was committed, but also had links to videos and equipment. Boy, I can relate to the consistency and character differentiation points you made. I just finished my first audio book and I made a few newbie errors that cost me a lot of agony and time.

I have a home studio and the room can sound a bit different from one day to the next due to external activity, temperature, humidity, etc.. As a result, It was difficult to punch into sections of preexisting audio and match the tone exactly. Hours of frustration ensued.

My take away from this: 1. When you are working in less than perfect recording conditions i. Trying to fix it later can result in tonal inconsistencies and major headaches. Thank you for the feedback! Yes, there are so many factors that go into each recording that can make two recordings on separate occasions sound like night and day.

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Thank you for this, as I go through this and read, it gives me an insight. I am currently in the process of using this gift I was given. I have been involved with acting, and in voice over classes, but still had no trued direction. This was a great starting point to understand..

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Because I have been told I have a great narration voice, so i need to learn how to use it. Well said! I do believe a good story also involve how great the narrator is, you detailed everything that is needed. Of course! If the brief calls for it and if it lends well to the context then an accented voice over is the natural choice.

I am auditioning for a narrator role at our local community theater and read your tutorial with interest.

I will study it and practice diligently, hoping to secure the role now and be able to do so in future productions. Thank you for this great article. I am in the very beginning of learning how to become a audiobook narrator. I learned a great deal from your information. I will save it and reread it often! Thank you for the great information! I like that you pointed out that a good narrator should be aware when to drop the accents to prevent distraction. I will keep this in mind since I need to make sure that my material will be understood well. Thanks for the tips! My struggle is creating 3 distinct voices Narrator, Mother, and Paulie and I found your article informative and useful.

These tips are encouraging and helpful.

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    Share via Email Thanks for sharing. This is normally our job, of course. Reading out loud is one of the most ancient of human traditions. Qualities of a great story-telling narrator These are the qualities you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a story-telling narrator to bring your audiobook to life for the listener: 1. They Enjoy What They are Doing We create the scenery, imagine how the characters look and add our own inflections to the way that they speak.

    It should be obvious just from listening to them that they are enjoying telling the story. A Great Articulator. When a narrator under-articulates their words, they can come across as lazy and unintelligent. Knowing When to Use an Accent. When called upon, a good narrator can also use a believable accent. Although a movie might not be the ideal way to explain this rule, one does spring to mind.

    Intuitive Pacing. Differentiating Characters. The Consistent Narrative Voice. Audiobooks can take several days to narrate from cover to cover. The aim is to have the last page sound like the first.

    Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks) Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks)
    Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks) Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks)
    Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks) Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks)
    Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks) Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks)
    Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks) Complete Croatian: Teach Yourself: Audio eBook (Teach Yourself Audio eBooks)

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